ghost of alexander album cover

The Ghost of Alexander

9 more soul rock songs including the title track, “Make Me Water,” and “Encyclopedia Black and the Case of You.”

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I entered the Tiny Desk Contest with a song about entering the Tiny Desk Contest.

Encyclopedia Black and the Case of You

This is a funky recounting of the first time I listened to a certain Joni Mitchell record. From the new album “The Ghost of Alexander,” coming Dec. 1.

Make Me Water (LIVE at the Eddies)

Buggy Jive performs a solo-electric version of the new song “Make Me Water” at the fourth annual Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards — “The Eddies” — on the MainStage at Proctors, Schenectady, NY, April 24, 2022.

I Don't Understand How the World Works

I Don’t Understand How the World Works

A new EP for 2022. 5 more weird songs from yours truly.

Heartbeat on the Five

Existential 5/4 funk from the new EP “I Don’t Understand How the World Works.” Premieres Tuesday, Jan. 18, 7 p.m. EST.

You Won't Like the Answer

You Won’t Like the Answer

The critically-acclaimed 2021 album by soul-rock singer-songwriter Buggy Jive is available at your favorite digital music service.

Ain’t Going Anywhere

Title track from the new album, shot in one take in the buggy basement bunker.

Tiptoes (Acoustic Live Version)

Hey, y’all, I’m getting the band back together. This is the acoustic live version of “Tiptoes,” from the new album You Won’t Like the Answer.

Swing Along

This is “Swing Along,” one of the many amazing and somewhat subversive songs by turn-of-the-20th-century genius Will Marion Cook.

The Reach

Because there is so much sadness in “The Reach.” Stay safe and be well.

The Jungle Line

This is my take on “The Jungle Line,” Joni Mitchell’s wild little ditty about the, ahem, white gaze of kooky primitivist painter, tax man and jungle fetishist Henri Rousseau.



Soul rock singer-songwriter Buggy Jive has always made music while in hiding, quietly uploading songs and music videos from a basement studio somewhere in Upstate New York. Equal parts Zeppelin and D’Angelo and Prince and Joni in sound and sensibility, his lyrics often mine the literature of the past to make sense of the present – from Ellison to Morrison to Eliot to Didion. Even before his pandemic-era music video and reclusive rallying cry “Ain’t Going Anywhere” went viral, the only way to see him perform live was the occasional house concert streamed live from his basement studio.

But after a big 2023, Mr. Jive may be ready to come out of the hole. So what made the year so special?

It started with a Tiny Desk Contest shoutout from NPR’s Bob Boilen and Bobby Carter for the featured “Top Shelf” entry, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”; then Album of the Year and Best Music Video wins at the Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards; a well-received opening slot for Macy Gray’s “Reset” tour kickoff in Troy, NY; a commissioned song and performance for “Kaleidescape” in celebration of the glorious sonics of the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall; and an evening sharing songs in tribute to Buggy’s beloved Joni Mitchell at historic Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs.

It’s a lot for an artist who, until now, has been notoriously reclusive. But it seems like Buggy finally got the bug to do more in 2024. Stay tuned.



Buggy Jive thrives in opening slot for Macy Gray’s “Reset” tour. Nippertown. Sep. 2023.

Musically… local songwriter Buggy Jive stole the night with his originals that captivated us with his thoughtful lyrics and complex, layered sounds.

Niskayuna native Buggy Jive receives well-deserved accolades from NPR and the Eddie Awards. Daily Gazette. April 2023.

“I’m singing about my reality, so those are things I wrestle with all the time,” he said of his musical forays into socially conscious messages. “It’s almost like there’s an obligation not to ignore tough issues and also an obligation to acknowledge that issues are complicated. It’s not always cut and dry or black and white. I do play with those themes.”

Bob Boilen, NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest “Top Shelf” Features. April 2023.

“I picked this not only because he’s a talented human being but also because there’s lots of references to [Tiny Desk Contest]. Maybe this is the year you might want to quit your day job. I dearly love this.” – Bob Boilen, NPR.


The Ghost of Alexander won the Album of Year award at the 2023 Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards; the video for the lead single, “Encyclopedia Black and the Case of You,” won the award for Best Music Video.

Listen below or follow the link to find The Ghost of Alexander on your favorite streaming music service.

The Buggy Jive House Concert

THE BUGGY JIVE HOUSE CONCERT is just that: a video document of a short set of Mr Jive’s trademark solo-electric soul rock songs, filmed in his home studio in front of a small audience of some of his oldest and dearest friends. The video premiered on Facebook Live May 11, 2018.

new up: ain't going anywhere

Ain’t Going Anywhere

“Ain’t Going Anywhere: The 2020 Diaries” features songs written and recorded in the buggy basement bunker during the test of humanity that we call the Year of Our Lord Twenty Twenty.