The Buggy Jive House Concert

The Buggy Jive House Concert

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The Buggy Jive House Concert

Some have criticized Professor Buggy Jive for not performing live very often. For not getting out of the house to do his thang.

“I don’t play out,” he says. “I play in.”

So this is his compromise.

Filmed on Valentine’s Day of 2018, THE BUGGY JIVE HOUSE CONCERT is just that: a video document of a short set of Mr Jive’s trademark solo-electric soul rock songs, filmed in his home studio for a small audience of some of his oldest and dearest friends.

Coming in May to and Facebook Live.


In NineteenSeventyWhatever I saw #CleopatraJones at a drive-in wearing my footie pajamas in the backseat of Mommy and Daddy’s Grand Prix. In our house, #AntonioFargas was never “Huggy Bear.” He was always, with deep affection, “Doodlebug.” #Blaxploitation #IMDB #HeWasLindyToo

— Professor Buggy Jive (@BuggyJive) March 29, 2018

Too. Many. Damn. Pedals.@Pigtronix @FEALabs @JHSPedals @WamplerPedals @SaturnWorks @EventideAudio

— Professor Buggy Jive (@BuggyJive) March 27, 2018

The Buggy Jive House Concert

See it on Facebook Live Friday, May 11, 2018, 7:30 p.m. EST.