I Don’t Understand How the World Works

Buggy Jive

Record Details

Soul Rock / Singer-Songwriter
I Don't Understand How the World Works

A new EP for 2022: 5 more weird songs from yours truly.



  1. Heartbeat on the Five
  2. Yo Foot, My Ass
  3. One Drop Rules
  4. Unresolved
  5. I Don’t Understand How the World Works

All songs copyright 2021 Bryan Paul Thomas except “One Drop Rules” (c 2014). Guitars and keys and vox and stuff performed by Buggy Jive. All beats courtesy TheLoopLoft.com and YurtRock.com. Mastered by Troy Pohl. The cover art by Hank Russo is adapted from a photograph courtesy the National Park Service, Manhattan Historic Sites Archive, photographer and origin unknown. Copyright 2022 WT3 Records and Radical Plastical Music. All Rights Reserved.