Make Me Water

Buggy Jive

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Soul Rock / Singer-Songwriter
make me water

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All music and stuffs produced and performed by Buggy Jive. Beats courtesy the Loop Loft. Copyright 2022 by Bryan Paul Thomas,

The cover art is adapted from the public domain engraving “A Distant View of Schenectady on the Mohawk River” by William Guy Wall, courtesy the New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Shout out to a distant Schenectady.


Buggy Jive performs a solo-electric version of the new song “Make Me Water” at the fourth annual Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards — “The Eddies” — on the MainStage at Proctors, Schenectady, NY, April 24, 2022.


They say Jesus walked across the Sea of Galilee.
And Matthew and Mark and John
Each tell the tale a little differently.
But Luke? He skipped it in its entirety.

Lord, make me water.
Lord, help me to flow.

Maybe Luke was just jealous of Jesus’s abilities.
Maybe Luke’s suspicious mind engendered a certain disbelief.
Maybe Luke thought the brotha was
Too much showing off His divinity.

Lord, make me water.
Lord, help me to flow.

So she says:
“What you mean, you wanna flow like water?
Brotha, we are already water.”

The Lord, that day, He made the human brain
About seventy-five percent water.
And the Lord, from the start, He made the human heart
About seventy-five percent water.

So what I’m saying is:
We are all already water.
We are all already divine.

So open up that bottle.
Tonight, let’s just be wine.


I am falling behind. Y’all got me unstuck in time.
Sending me back to the future like I’m some big black Marty McFly
I am dropping this beat for the city of my birth
The city that lights and hauls the Planet Earth
See, we be just around the way from where my family used to went to church
At Friendship Baptist, where daddy had his trial sermon and began to serve the Lord
Teachers on strike. Momma’s walkin the picket line.
Granddaddy called this place “Scheneticutt.”
Mohawks called it the “Place Beyond the Pines.”
And my day care was around the way with Sister Dix at Refreshing Springs.
And messing around on Proctor’s stage for graduation
Cuz my band picked a song I can’t sing.

I am “unstuck in time,” as Vonnegut says. “So it goes.”
We chased Sambo’s out this town to catch a Jolly Tiger by the toe.
We did it generally and electrically. Like Thomas Alva Edisonally.
I see some of y’all rolling your eyes talkin’ about: “That’s just being all politically correctically.”
But it’s really just about opening yo heart and treating other mother fuckers respectfully
So raise your cape! And open your heart like sesame.
This town got the best of me
Y’all can see how it’s effected me
Cuz I will cut you like a vasectomy
If your heart ain’t big enough for Schenectady.

Lord, make me water.
Lord, help me to flow.

Jesus, walkin’ on the water.

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