You Won’t Like the Answer

Buggy Jive

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Soul Rock / Singer-Songwriter
You Won't Like the Answer

“You Won’t Like the Answer” by Buggy Jive will be available May 11 on your favorite digital music service.

Most of these songs were written and recorded in January and February of 2021 because the sadness of 2020 just won’t quit. Can’t stop crying but I’mma keep on grinding even though I still ain’t going anywhere. Like Black Sisyphus.

And so it goes. Stay safe and be well, y’all.



All songs copyright 2021 Bryan Paul Thomas except: “She Screams in Metaphor” (c 1997) and “Ain’t Going Anywhere” (c 2020), which contains a verse of “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. Guitars and keys and vox and stuff performed by Buggy Jive. All beats courtesy are samples of bad ass drummers, including Nate Smith (tracks 1, 8), Matt Chamberlin (tracks 2, 5) and Omar Hakim (track 11). Mastered by Troy Pohl. The music video for “Ain’t Going Anywhere” was directed by Jean-Luc and produced by Jennifer, with animation by Hank Russo. Cover art by Hank Russo based on “Hell, Canto III” by William Blake from his illustrations of Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia cuz Buggy Jive is pretentious AF.



  1. He Lost His Mind to Find His Heart
  2. No Absolution
  3. Momento Mori
  4. Keep On Grinding
  5. Tiptoes
  6. You Won’t Like the Answer
  7. I Done Toldt Y’all
  8. Pretty Boys and Bushy Beards
  9. She Screams in Metaphor
  10. The Worst of Us
  11. Wishful Thinkers
  12. Ain’t Going Anywhere