You Won't Like the Answer

Welcome to this super-dooper secret page.

Thank you for your interest in the new album, You Won’t Like the Answer. You may download the complete album here:

Radio-friendly edits

Heads up: Tracks 5-8 include explicit language. Radio-friendly potty-mouth-free versions are available here:


  1. He Lost His Mind to Find His Heart
  2. No Absolution
  3. Momento Mori
  4. Keep On Grinding
  5. Tiptoes [EXPLICIT]
  6. You Won’t Like the Answer [EXPLICIT]
  7. I Done Toldt Y’all [EXPLICIT]
  8. Pretty Boys and Bushy Beards [EXPLICIT]
  9. She Screams in Metaphor
  10. The Worst of Us
  11. Wishful Thinkers
  12. Ain’t Going Anywhere


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