See the “B-Side” live in 360 degrees

The Live Jive Five

Take my new band for a spin.

Be in the room where it happens and sit in on a rehearsal as the Live Jive Five perform the title track from the new album, “The B-Side.

Pick your poison. (And how about liking the Facebook page or subscribing to the YouTube channel once you’re there?)

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  • The video works best with a hi-speed Internet connection.
  • If you’re on mobile, use your app for Facebook or YouTube to view – not a browser or a different app.
  • Some folks are saying the video doesn’t work in Safari on desktop. If so, try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
  • It should work with Google Cardboard and other VR platforms. (If you think you can handle it! After all, that’s a lotta Buggy to contend with.) It is, however, strictly a 2D experience.)

PS: The new album The B-Side is available at your favorite digital music service.

The B-Side album cover and record

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