This Is Not a Pipe

It started as an idea for a lyric video. And then it became much, much more.

This is the new animated music video for the song “This Is Not a Pipe.”

And it’s kinda bananas.

The song is available on the new BUGGY JIVE MIXTAPE, which is now available to stream and download at all of the things – Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, BibbidyBo, CloudScam, SongJerk, TuneTurd and more.

And it’s a free download at BandCamp for a limited time, too.



“This is Not a Pipe” was not inspired by the painting “The Treachery of Images” by René Magritte.

Francais by Maya Elizabeth Thomas.

The fourth verse includes a shout out to Jason Martin and Power Animal Systems’ jam “Newsnet.”

Behind the Scenes

A little thing on the making of the video is on the way.